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We fish the fresh fish and seafood, which we serv in our restaurant by ourselves. That is why we are sure about the quality.

Olive oil and Olives
The olive oil and olives that we use in our food are our production, from our own olive trees and they are processed in the local oil industry Theologos.

Potatoes are regarded to be of the most traditional products of Kavala. They are elaborated by the farmers themselves. You will find a variety of recipes in the local restaurants.

White cheese
Anthotiros, Galotiri, Graviera, Kefalotiri are some of the many kinds of white cheese that are produced in Kavala. They are being processed by the farmers themselves. You fill find them in many recipes in the local taverns.

Vegetables, Fruits and Tsipouro (raki)



Thasos is the northern island in the Aegean Sea. A verdurous island, only 12 miles away from Kavala and 6 miles from Keramoti. The sea traffic is very frequent. more » »


A few kilometers from Thasos (Limena), lies Alyki with her gorgeous beach, her ancient settlement and her ancient pit. The sunken pit at the edge of the chersonese and the huge amounts of stones more » »